Plants and machinery for the mining industry, the recycling of demolition waste material and the dry mortar industry






OMF accompanies the presentation, design and production, with services for installation, commissioning and personnel training, and guarantees its customers a rapid and continuous operational support.

Each project is accompanied by the following steps:

  • Feasibility study and design of plants according to customer requirements, including the lay-out on plans;
  • Targeted support with optional on-site visit;
    General plant drawings (lay-out) with relating explanations;
  • Accurate dimensioning of machines "based on customer requirements" and compiling flow charts;
  • Choice of the most suitable materials and components for the type of plant to be implemented;
  • Technical support on site during the execution of the project and during assembly;
  • Commissioning on site and training of personnel;
  • Constant after-sales technical and operational support;
  • Availability of spare parts warehouse that facilitates and minimizes downtime due to maintenance and repairs.